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Reports > 2020 > October > Monday 19
Monday, October 19, 2020
By Dave Graybill
I have been checking on the coho fishing on the Icicle River the past couple of weeks. As I expected it started off being fairly slow when it opened on the first of October. A very few fish were being caught, although there were good numbers showing up at the National Fish Hatchery in Leavenworth. Then the rain hit, and we got lots of it. That raised the level of the river and colored the water. Some people liked having cloudy water as opposed to the gin clear water when the season opened. I would drop by the stretch from the below the hatchery to the launch site, and more and more people were showing up. Yes, you are right. That’s because more and more people were getting their coho. On Friday I visited with Justin Malloy, who was having a great time tossing jig from the Trout Unlimited handicapped platform. He showed me the jigs he was using, and we both saw a coho chase one right to our feet. On Sunday afternoon I stopped by again and there were jig and spinner anglers and a couple of fly anglers fishing. I talked to one angler that had hooked three and landed two. I better get out there. It looks like fun.
Justin Malloy showed me a selection of jigs that he uses to catch coho on the Icicle River.