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Reports > 2020 > October > Friday 23
Friday, October 23, 2020
By Dave Graybill
What do you do when the forecast is for a foot of snow? I fire up the smoker. I usually do this time of year, no matter what the weather forecast is. I have stockpiled a good supply of summer run salmon, sockeye, and a whole bunch of triploid rainbow trout. The Holidays are not that far off, and people love to get some smoked fish for get together with their families and friends. There are a lot of ways to smoke fish, and everyone I know has their own way of doing it. It can be very simple or very complicated. It is hard to beat a brine of salt and brown sugar. I use kosher salt instead of rock salt now, and my special twist is to add basil flakes. After watching me spend 13 hours tending my old tin box smoker, my wife gave me an electric smoker for Christmas. It is well insulated and even feeds alder biscuits automatically. I have done hundreds of pounds of fish with this unit and get excellent results. Also, a favorite for the Holidays is to mix the smoked fish with cream cheese and dill to make a spread on crackers. Yum!
This a full smoker load of triploid rainbow trout.