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Reports > 2015 > November > Monday 30
Monday, November 30, 2015
By Dave Graybill
Some of the best fishing news this winter has been the opening of the Wenatchee and Entiat rivers. The Wenatchee has been a long-time favorite steelhead stream for those who grew up in Wenatchee Valley and visitors to our area. It has good access to many great fishing areas, and floating the river can provide some of the best steelhead fishing in our region. Fly fishermen travel from all over the state to enjoy the scenery and the good water that the Wenatchee offers. It is also good to have the Entiat open. I spotted a boat fishing below the mouth on the Columbia and bank fishermen near the bridge as soon as it opened. I have had some great days anchored off the sand bar below the mouth in the Columbia. The Wenatchee still needs to settle down a bit before it can be really good, and that’s okay. The water needed to cool down a bit, and barring any serious build up of ice on the river it should be great. The best fishing for steelhead in our region is yet to come. That goes for the Wenatchee, Entiat and even the main stem Columbia.