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Reports > 2015 > November > Friday 27
Friday, November 27, 2015
By Dave Graybill
I have wanted to get down to Rocky Ford to give it a try, and so went last Monday. I chose to go Monday because the weather was going to tend to very windy and cold later in the week. The forecast called for clear skies and a high of 37, and that sounded great. Well, it turned out that there was a heavy overcast and the temperature never got above freezing. Ever tried fly fishing when you have to find a spot to cast that allows you to swish your rod in the water every second cast to get the ice out of your guides? That’s what I was dealing with on the Ford. I did catch some fish and had a lot of hits that I missed. I also had two savage strikes on my indicator. I have never seen the amount of activity of the trout here. The Ford is loaded with fish. I am going to get back down there, when the weather is a bit more mild. I have fished in the snow and haven’t minded. It is the freezing guides that made things difficult. I was fishing a mini Leech and a Scud, and all the fish hit the Scud.