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Reports > 2009 > January > Friday 30
Friday, January 30, 2009
By Dave Graybill
I knew I was pushing it. But I just had to get down to Rocky Ford Creek to fly fish for the big rainbow down there. I either miss-read the forecast or it was wishful thinking. I promised my fishing partner 30 degree weather, but it never got over 24. We suffered all right. Our lines froze to the guides and our fingers didn’t work after a while, but it didn’t stop us. The fishing was just too good to quit! We were using the technique that Jeremy Kendal showed me a couple of years ago and it still gets fish. It’s a two-fly rig with a small leech ahead of an Ultra Scud and when we cast this combo it’s with an intermediate sinking line. We let it sink a bit and slowly strip it in, and Wham! Some of really aggressive fish hit the leech and others hit the Ultra Scud. Sometimes they hit this rig as soon as it hits the water, but it is usually and the slow retrieve. If you’re going to try this find a shore that drops off. If you fish it on a shallow flat you’ll be pulling through the weeds. If you like big fish give this method and Rocky Ford a try.