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Reports > 2008 > December > Wednesday 31
Wednesday, December 31, 2008
By Dave Graybill
I was talking to a friend recently and he was telling me about getting geared up for ice fishing. It made me think that others may want to learn what is needed to enjoy a day on the ice, fishing for trout or perch. The first thing is a rod and reel. You can use your trout rod, but a shorter version keeps you closer to the hole. I just put a couple of slit shot on the end of the line and then add a hook or two 18 inches to two feet above that. You may want to try some of the ice fishing jigs, if you can find them. I bait the hooks with either Power Bait or a piece of crawler if I am fishing for trout. I use meal worms for perch. These can be found at local pet stores. I always take a chair that I can position near the hole, and a carpet sample to keep my feet off the snow. A sharp ice auger is a must of course, and some stores carry extra blades. Believe me it’s easier to replace the blades than try to sharpen them. I put everything on a plastic toboggan, which I load with all my gear to pull across the snow. Get all these items and you’re set!