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Reports > 2008 > December > Friday 26
Friday, December 26, 2008
By Dave Graybill
Do I have a New Year’s resolution? You bet, fish more! I make a list of new places to fish every year and every year there are lakes or rivers on the list that I never got to. There are just so many places to go here in Central Washington, I know there are some I will never get to, but hey, I have to try. Like most anglers I have a calendar in my head that kicks in when certain seasons start. There are trout openings, unlisted walleye and bass “openers”, salmon and steelhead seasons, and on and on, and I have a hard time breaking out of my routine to explore. I do my share but need to make a more concentrated effort to see new water. It’s something my wife and I really enjoy. Sometimes we have to pay our dues and learn the tricks at new lakes or rivers, but we usually have enough success to tempt us into returning. Some of the places that we get to are just once a year and that has to change, too. I know I can do better if I give certain fisheries more time. I love to share what I learn. It all adds to fish more; it’s as simple as that.