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Reports > 2008 > December > Monday 22
Monday, December 22, 2008
By Dave Graybill
Winter conditions can make things difficult for anglers in our region, but those won’t be stopped by snow and cold make their outings trouble free by preparing before they leave the house. Some of the items on the check list are simply common sense. One is to have a vehicle battery in good working order. Some trips end before they begin when an old, tired battery won’t start the truck in the morning. It’s worse when it stalls in the field. There should be a few pieces of gear in the rig that aren’t stowed there other times of the year. A shovel is important. It can be used to dig out if you get stuck, and many boat ramps leave a barrel of sand for anglers’ use, but you need something to spread it. It is nice to have a bucket along to transport the sand to the ramp, too. I always have an extra set of cold weather gear along. I can use it if I get wet, and I can’t tell you how many times others have borrowed it, not being dressed for the conditions. Winter days in the field and even on the water can be great in our region, but they can be spoiled if you’re not prepared.