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Reports > 2008 > December > Monday 29
Monday, December 29, 2008
By Dave Graybill
It may seem like there is nothing to do on the fishing front right now, and although there are some limited opportunities, the temperatures have to moderate a bit before things will break loose. When it warms up just a bit there will be plenty to do. To learn some new tricks about fishing with a bobber and jig and about ice fishing, try to tune into KWCC-TV Channel 19 or Charter Channel 12 for the Outdoor Insider show. These are seminar-style programs where I bring in local experts and talk fishing. The shows also air in the Columbia Basin on ComCast Spotlight on Channel 3. Coming up this month I have an excellent show on Advanced Bobber and Jig Fishing Techniques with Keith Roe, and another program on ice fishing, with a real pro. Heck, if you can’t go fishing you can at least learn a few things while the weather improves. If you’re waiting for safe ice at Fish Lake, here’s a handy way to see what’s happening on the lake. Log onto There you will find a web cam for Fish Lake. I wait until I see anglers fishing on the ice before I head up!