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Reports > 2008 > December > Friday 19
Friday, December 19, 2008
By Dave Graybill
If this weather keeps up we’ll be ice fishing soon! In the meantime anglers are looking for places to fish that offer some comfort. One of the popular spots is above Rocky Reach Dam. I continue to hear good reports of success from anglers who are fishing from both shores here. Anglers are lining the artificial point on the Chelan County side and building warming fires on the edges. One the Lincoln Park side, angles are packing propane heaters onto the docks to try to keep warm while watching their bobbers. Traffic has slowed considerably both above and below Wells Dam and at Pateros. Anglers who brave the icy ramps and launch their boats just above the Lake Pateros Inn are enjoying very good fishing for steelhead, in spite of the cold and snowy conditions. One of the attractions at Rufus Woods, beside the chance at catching a large triploid rainbow, is the fact that there are fireboxes along the Corps of Engineers fishing areas above the dam. There are also fireboxes placed at intervals along the shore at Brandts Landing. These really help keep anglers warm when the temperatures drop well below freezing, as they have here lately.