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Reports > 2020 > June > Tuesday 23
Tuesday, June 23, 2020
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. I told Dad back in September after Mom's passing that we're going hunting. I gave him a game-plan to follow to get out and walk, exercise and start trying to pull on his bow. Unfortunately, he told me a couple months ago that his bow broke as one limb de-laminated. My sister and I concocted a plan to meet in Winthrop on our family's lot for Father's Day to do some fishing. We also agreed to surprise him with a new bow, arrows, the whole works. Of course, we couldn't wait until Sunday! So, as we gathered around camp Saturday evening, Sonja and I delivered his presents. He was so excited to uncover his new Bowtech Infinite Edge Pro compound bow. It came complete with a quiver, carbon-shafted arrows, practice heads and broad heads, a case and a release. Dad has given us so much over the years. He bought me my first bow, my first rifle, my first shotgun. It's only fitting that we buy him his last bow. Now to practice up and get ready to sling some arrows this fall. I'll tell you more about fishing on Thursday. Until next time, Good Fishing!