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Reports > 2020 > June > Thursday 25
Thursday, June 25, 2020
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Believe it or not, fishing Pearrygin Lake over the Father's Day weekend was the first time I'd been on that body of water with a fish finder. I not only learned that the lake is at-most 40-feet deep, but that an amazing amount of fish in the lake are all from 25-feet down. We used our downriggers and dropper balls and fished as if going for kokanee. We used flashers and hoochies and corn. The trout were happy to oblige. One thing we noticed quickly, however, was that the fish we were catching had raised spots on them. It looked almost like warts. Once home Monday, I emailed Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist Ryan Fortier. He said they're copepods, common in Pearrygin. He said, "It is likely that the copepods are more aggressive in this lake in particular from the warmer water conditions. The copepods are not harmful if consumed, but it is best not to try. The copepods are found on the surface of fish. Thus, proper cooking temperatures and recipes not consuming the skin are generally practiced without issue. So it may look funny, but OK to eat. Until next time, Good Fishing!