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Reports > 2020 > August > Wednesday 26
Wednesday, August 26, 2020
By Dave Graybill
When I fished Lake Wenatchee with James Lebow he told me about some friends that were getting some nice kings below Wanapum Dam. They were fishing where Crab Creek enters the river and were having pretty good success. I had my doubts until he showed me some photos on his phone of some of the fish his friends were getting. They were bright and big! I have to admit that I was very surprised. I have fished here in the past, but not until September. I am usually fishing for fall salmon. Perhaps what these people are getting are late arriving summer runs. Whatever they are I sure liked the looks of them. James and I will probably get down there soon. We will use that “new” Grant County PUD launch off Huntzinger Road. This launch allows anglers to bypass the shallow reef below Wanapum Dam to reach the popular area at the train trestle and off the mouth of Crab Creek. We usually use the same techniques to catch kings here as we would fishing the King Hole at Vernita: Super Baits stuffed with tuna trolled behind flashers. I really like fishing here. Not as crowded as below Priest or the Brewster Pool.