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Reports > 2020 > August > Tuesday 04
Tuesday, August 4, 2020
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Leave it to my wife to come up with yet another great idea. Last Wednesday, she suggested we scrap weekend plans of working around the house and head to the west side and do some crabbing. Eager to fill a cooler full of sweet-tasting dungeness, I jumped at the chance. After arriving for a filling dinner at my Dad's house Friday night, we had to wait until nearly noon Saturday before heading across Deception Pass Bridge onto Whidbey Island to launch at Coronet Bay. It was me, Marion, my Dad and my 14-year old niece Carlie. Our ride to the crab grounds was a 16-foot Smoker Craft Alaskan we lovingly refer to as the "Jimmy Boat." We call it that because Dad bought it from our good buddy Jimmy Grover. Soon, 7-pots were in the water just off Hoypus Point. We had the electric pot-puller on board that mounts to your Scottie downrigger base. Carlie got a workout hooking the line and sorting crab with Dad while Marion and I watched and smiled. We ended up with four limits of rock crab and just two shy of four limits of dungeness. What a day! Until next time, Good Fishing!