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Reports > 2016 > December > Monday 19
Monday, December 19, 2016
By Dave Graybill
I was seriously considering doing some bank fishing for rainbow this past week. When I mentioned this to people they looked at my like I had slipped a gear. I did some checking and the locations I was considering had forecasts of anywhere from minus four to minus nine degrees. Now I would be dealing with not just freezing my butt but the prospect of dealing with frozen lines and reels made me rethink the idea. Getting ready for a day of fishing in extreme cold calls for special gear, and I thought I would share what I was doing to prepare for such a day. First, I was going to layer up. I pulled out long johns, of course, and a couple of layers of high tech shirts and a fleece jacket to go under my winter jacket. I also would put on a pair of wind proof bibs. Before I put on my winter boots I first put on a wool sock liner before I put on a heavy wool sock. I attach a toe warmer to the sock liner before, and fill my pockets with hand warmers. I should mention that I don’t buy the big boxes of hand warmers anymore. They go bad before I can use them all. I also wear a high tech baklava that keeps the cold off my neck, ears and head if need be. This will usually get me through a cold day on the water or when I am ice fishing.