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Reports > 2016 > December > Friday 30
Friday, December 30, 2016
By Dave Graybill
Thanks to Austin Moser, of Austin’s Northwest Adventures guide service, I was able to fish Lake Roosevelt on Wednesday. We were joined by Jim Moser and Kurt Middleton and decided to launch at Keller. There were close to a dozen rigs in the parking area when we arrived and when we ran down lake to the Camel Rock we spotted a couple boats trolling here. We immediately started catching rainbow, on Kokabow blades in bright colors and the new Squids. Pinks and oranges were the best colors. We lost one small kokanee here and then left to try further up lake. We ran up past the mouth of the San Poil Arm, where we saw a few boats trolling and then on up to near Hanson Harbor. The action on trout was amazing. We had a couple of doubles and a triple on rainbow that were from 15 to 17 ½ inches. We did lose one more kokanee. Moser figures Lake Roosevelt needs to drop some more to draw both the feed and the kokanee down to it bottom end. It is much higher now than it was at this time last year. We did see an angler with a 24-inch kokanee. So they are there but not in very good numbers yet.