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Friday, December 9, 2016
By Dave Graybill
I have been keeping an eye on the weather, and whenever I see a good forecast I hook up the boat and go. Last Saturday was such a day, and it was perfect time to get my friend Tom Verschueren out to do some kokanee fishing. We headed up to the Lake Chelan and launched at the State Park. I ran up lake to just above the Yacht Club, put the gear down and started looking for fish. I was running the Kokabow squid spinners and blades that worked for me on two previous trips. We looked and looked and got a couple of smallish fish. When the sun popped out things changed. All of a sudden we were seeing more schools of kokanee and the bite picked up. We were getting bites on everything we had down there, and the fish were pretty consistently at 80 to 100 feet deep. We had a dozen kokanee and one 4-pound lake trout in the cooler when we decided to look below the Yacht Club and to troll toward the State Park. We got two more fish right away, and when we got into the really deep water we didn’t mark or catch any more. That’s when the trouble started. Read this week’s Nickel Ads newspaper for the details.