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Reports > 2015 > February > Monday 23
Monday, February 23, 2015
By Dave Graybill
This Sunday is a big day for trout anglers. It’s the March 1st opener of many lakes in the Quincy Wildlife Area, and several others in the region. Martha Lake, which is just east of George, is one of them and the Caliche lakes just to the west of George are also included. Popular with fly fishers, Lenice and Nunnally lakes, near Beverly open at the same time. Burke and Quincy lakes attract the biggest crowds and are known for producing very good catches of 10- to 12-inch rainbow every year. Martha Lake always surprises me. It is a small, shallow and narrow pond, but treats anglers to excellent fishing and some very large fish every year on the opening day. Just one of the Caliche lakes gets all the attention and often produces limit catches of rainbow in the 10- to 12-inch class. I will be eager to see how the fly fishing lakes of Lenice and Nunnally produce this year. They didn’t get that much attention last season and could be very good this year. There are some bigger rainbow and some brown and tiger trout in Lenice and Nunnally as well. Another lake that is popular with fly anglers that opens on March 1st is Dusty Lake, in the Quincy Wildlife Area. It is reached by trail and is known for large rainbow, brown and tiger trout.