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Reports > 2015 > December > Wednesday 09
Wednesday, December 9, 2015
By Dave Graybill
Boy, did we get buried in Leavenworth. We got over a foot of snow over the weekend and then rain, rain, rain. In spite of the conditions Shane Magnuson, of Upper Columbia Guide Services, Eric Granstrom of Gaboon Productions, and I floated the Wenatchee River for steelhead. We launched under the bridge on Icicle River Road and passed through water that had been very productive on Saturday. In this stretch Magnuson had hooked 11 fish and landed 9, in a blinding snowstorm. We didn’t have the same luck. The water was rising and getting dirtier by the minute. We did get one hit on one of Magnuson’s jigs and he landed a beautiful hatchery hen that must have weighed well over 10 pounds. We fished a few more holes and then decided not to make the float all the way to Peshastin. We were pretty soaked and the weather wasn’t going to get any better. The water conditions were getting worse, too. We were all glad we made the float though. It was a great winter day of steelhead fishing, as far as we were concerned and we are eager to get back out and do it again. Maybe when its not so wet!