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Reports > 2015 > December > Wednesday 02
Wednesday, December 2, 2015
By Dave Graybill
If you want to fish the Okanogan River for steelhead you had better hurry. Shelf ice is forming in many places on the upper river, and the lower river is pretty much frozen. There are open areas where there is faster water, and floating it may still be possible. The chilly weather forecast for the next few days may just put the Okanogan out of the picture for a while. There are a few folks out fishing area lakes, but most are sharpening their augers in anticipation of ice fishing season. It may not be too far off in this part of the region. Fishing for steelhead is good on the main stem Columbia River, though. I talked to Shane Magnuson the other day and he said the fishing in the Bridgeport area is very good. In three days of fishing last week he got 20 fish. The released about 60 percent of those he got to the net for his clients, as they were wild fish. He mentioned that the fishing at the Blow Hole will improve as the water temperatures in the Columbia in this area continue to drop. I hope to get out with him on the Wenatchee soon.