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Reports > 2009 > December > Wednesday 30
Wednesday, December 30, 2009
By Dave Graybill
I made a big mistake the other day and I wanted to share it with you. Maybe you won’t do the same thing. What happened was, while experiencing a very hot steelhead bite below Wells Dam, a knot slipped on one of the rods one of the anglers fishing with me was using. Well, I decided to replace the knot, which needed to done, but I did it the long way. That means I clipped everything off, put on a new knot and put the entire rig back together. This is fine, but in retrospect, it cost me at least one and maybe two fish. We did get some more steelhead but the bite did end about an hour later. You got to get the fish when it’s hot, and I wasted a bunch of time retying. What I should have done is use the short cut. You can easily put a new knot on your line without starting completely over. Go to my Links Page and the Fishing Links section. Click on Stop Knot and the directions on how to tie a knot on your line will appear. You can use thread, braided line or even mono to tie the knot. If you use this short cut you will save valuable fishing time.