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Reports > 2009 > December > Wednesday 16
Wednesday, December 16, 2009
By Dave Graybill
If you haven’t seen it there was some more media attention given to the very impressive return of migrating salmonoids to the upper Columbia River. No surprise that more and more writers of what is happening locally are reporting on the strong return of steelhead to our region. This most recent article rehashed the astounding numbers of steelhead that we saw over our area dams, but actually began with the impressive numbers of coho salmon that we are now seeing. The steelhead numbers would be hard to beat, but the coho salmon runs are predicted to continue to build and become once again a viable fishery. This is all very good news for those who pay attention to salmon and steelhead issues. It also throws a lot of cold water on the efforts of those who want to blow up the dams in our region. The record returns, you see, have all come after these dams were constructed, so it is plain that they are not the detriment to these fisheries as some would have you believe. It is hoped that the combined efforts to clean up our rivers, improved passage over our dams and other management efforts are responsible for the increase in these returns, and not just improved ocean conditions.