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Monday, December 14, 2009
By Dave Graybill
Last week a meeting was held of the current Coast Conservation Association (CCA) members with some of the regional and national staff people to get a chapter up and running here in Central Washington. The meeting was held in Wenatchee but people came from the Methow Valley and even Moses Lake. After an update on how and why the CCA got started and what is happening with the group now in here Washington and Oregon, those who attended selected enough officers to get the chapter off the ground. It is required that there be a chapter president, a treasurer and a banquet chair to get started. Bob Schmidt, of Mack’s Lure, volunteered to be the local president; Lee Holmes will serve as treasurer and Curtis and Joanne Welch will team up on the banquet. The next step will be to get some regular chapter meetings started, along with some regular communication with the 30 to 40 members who have sent in their dues to support CCA here in Central Washington. There is a great web site for the national organization, and now one specifically for Washington and Oregon. To learn more about CCA here, log onto