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Reports > 2009 > December > Friday 11
Friday, December 11, 2009
By Dave Graybill
If there is a silver lining to the very chilly temperatures we’re experiencing here in Central Washington it is that the fishing should really take off at Rufus Woods Reservoir. The water temperatures had held in the low sixties until very recently, and now they are just now dipping below 50. Those familiar with Rufus Woods know that when the temperatures hit 50 and below the triploids here will get active. There should be a lot of trout available to anglers on Rufus this winter, and there should also be more than the usual number of really big fish taken. I would like to see the outdoor temperature get up to at least 30 degrees or so. It makes fishing from the shore or a boat a lot more tolerable. Even if you have a fire going on shore or a heater in your boat, these single digit temperatures make fishing tough. One thing many anglers forget is that there is some very good perch fishing at times at Rufus Woods. They are usually found by trollers who keep any eye on their depth sounders and spot the schools. When they’re found a marker is thrown over the side to know where to toss the worms.