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Friday, December 31, 2021
By Dave Graybill
Ice fishing season is now upon us and this is a good time to go through a checklist of things you need for a successful day of fishing. First is an auger. Most people agree that one that drills a six-inch hole is adequate. Be sure the blades are razor sharp, and if not, replacement blades are easy to find. You will want to have a slotted spoon of some kind to keep the ice out of the hole. Chairs are nice to have and even if you plan to stand, get a carpet sample to put under your feet. They are cheap and create a layer between the ice and your boots that makes a big difference in keeping warm. I have some rod holders that keep my rods out of the snow and ice. Dress in layers and have a good supply of pocket warmers, toe warmers and body warmers on hand. I have an Ororo heated jacket that keeps me warm even on the coldest days. I advise a coat be worn over a heated jacket to contain the heat. I also have Begleri heated socks. The jacket and socks have rechargeable batteries and both of these items work great.
This photo was taken years ago at Patterson Lake. It shows most of what you want for a day of ice fishing.