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Reports > 2020 > December > Tuesday 15
Tuesday, December 15, 2020
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. While the weather outside is frightful, and that fire inside is so delightful, it's time to put our attention on the dreaded shopping list for your outdoor enthusiast. Strangely, I have many people ask for my suggestions on what to get the outdoor lover in your life for Christmas. My first response is a gift card. Now there are several schools of thought on a gift card. Some think it's offensive to receive a gift card because it's basically saying, "hey, I had absolutely no imagination on what to get you for Christmas and didn't spend the time working to come up with something, so instead I'm going to give you the task of going out and finding your own gift." Personally, I love a gift card. It allows me to hone in on exactly what I need or want and avoids the uncomfortable situation of receiving a gift that is either A) useless to me, or B) I already have. That being said, you can NEVER go wrong with a good knife; a pocket tool; or, ammunition. That's right, find out the caliber your loved one has and load up! Until next time, Good Fishing!