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Reports > 2020 > December > Thursday 31
Thursday, December 31, 2020
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. What's the saying? It's only when you're up to your hind end in alligators that you remember you meant to drain the swamp. Hip waders. If you head up to fish the big triploids off the upper net pens on Rufus Wood Reservoir and plan to launch at Seton's Grove, bring hip waders. As I mentioned on Tuesday, I made a solo attempt at this trip on Christmas morning. It took about 20-minutes putting the top on the boat and fastening the side curtains. Backing down the launch, I quickly realized I was going to get wet. I had short boots with me but the launch was extremely shallow and I'd have to back the trailer way out into the water to get the boat off. After launching and pulling the boat to shore, my main motor wouldn't start. I switched batteries and it still wouldn't start. Thankfully, a man with a thick Russian accent helped me get the boat back on the trailer. 105-miles later back at home tucked in my shop, I discovered the shifting lever was so cold, it didn't recognize neutral. I'll try again, and bring hip waders. Until next time, Good Fishing!