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Reports > 2017 > May > Friday 19
Friday, May 19, 2017
By Dave Graybill
The action for big kokanee on Lake Roosevelt had fallen off this spring. The extremely low level of the reservoir and dirty water dampened the spirit of anglers fishing the big impoundment. Things are improving, though. The water is coming up now, at a rate of at least a foot a day, according to Austin Moser. The bite can be good on certain days, too. On one of his trips he was fishing for walleye, using bottom walkers and worms. On that day his party landed four big kokanee, six rainbow and eight walleye. Now that sounds like fun. He was able to launch at Keller recently, too. The water still wasn’t perfectly clear, but he hopes that the raising level of Roosevelt won’t be drawing as much dirty water down the lake. Moser said that anglers may have to hop around a bit to find fish. They could be anywhere from Hansen Harbor, to off the mouth of the San Poil Arm, or down to Swawilla Basin. I am eager to get back up to Roosevelt. We had really good fishing for big kokanee into June last year, and with the colder water this year, the bite may be good until much later in the season.