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Reports > 2015 > March > Wednesday 18
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
By Dave Graybill
It is a sad day for me. We said goodbye to my Dad David Lane Graybill, who passed away at age 82. He lived a rich full life, and passed on to me his love for the outdoors and particularly fishing. We spent many opening days of fishing season on lakes all over Eastern Washington, and he taught me how to tie my first knots and how to catch trout. My brother Rick and I had a tradition of taking Dad fishing on Fathers Day, and we fished for walleye on Moses Lake, kokanee on Lake Chelan and for trout on Rufus Woods, to name a few. It didn’t matter how many or how big the fish were that we caught, we relished the time we spent on the water. Somehow, in spite of all the instruction we gave him, he always seemed to do just fine, often catching the most and the biggest on these outings. We were always late getting back for the big family gatherings after our fishing trip, but were forgiven. These were special days my Dad, Rick and I. They were too few. Today is a reminder to me that we can never spend too much time fishing with our family and friends. You never know when the opportunity to do so will end.