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Reports > 2015 > August > Monday 17
Monday, August 17, 2015
By Dave Graybill
I finally got back up to Banks Lake, and I had a good excuse to go. Neil and Betty Steward had outbid everyone and got a trip with me in the Trout Unlimited auction. When I heard that they had never been bass fishing, I knew just where to take them. I met them at the Northrup boat ramp and headed out to one of my favorite spots to catch smallmouth on Banks. Sure enough they were there waiting for us. We caught some small fish and one really nice smallmouth. We took a short break at the midway boat ramp and as we were headed back out Neil mentioned that he would like to catch a walleye. Wouldn’t you know it; I had left my walleye gear at home. I dug around in my tackle boxes and came up with two Shad Raps and a Frenzy of the same size. I threw these out and started trolling in about 15 feet of water just below the launch. Well what do you know, the walleye liked them! In about an hour and a half we got seven keeper walleye, a big smallmouth and a couple of perch. It was really fun and they went home with some nice fillets to fry.