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Reports > 2013 > December > Wednesday 18
Wednesday, December 18, 2013
By Dave Graybill
When the Methow and the Okanogan rivers freeze it has a positive effect on the fishing in Pateros and Bridgeport. That’s right, the fishing actually gets better off the docks, in the area known as The Rocks, and even on the Columbia in the Bridgeport area. The reason is that the fish leave the Methow and the Okanogan and head back into the Columbia for the warmer water. The very cold weather we had that froze these two rivers has already had an impact. Fishing in the area of The Rocks has already picked up. My buddy Shane Magnuson has been getting limits for his clients here. Also, warm weather may make it possible to fish some of the Methow River. Local guides are watching the river closely and may book trips soon. Word is that Patterson Lake is mostly frozen and ice anglers are fishing from the boat ramp area to the south end. There is some open water at the very top end of the lake. Fish Lake, near Lake Wenatchee is also ice covered, but not yet thick enough for drilling holes for ice fishing. Check out