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Reports > 2023 > February > Tuesday 21
Tuesday, February 21, 2023
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Growing up in Western Washington, I was plenty aware of the weather. Playing outside was pretty much an endeavor of getting soaking wet and coming home a drown rat, or suiting up as if you were a deep sea diver. Either way, you were going to get drenched by the pouring rain. That's probably why I called my Dad after moving to Wenatchee in 1989 and had been there for three months and announced, "I'm not coming back!" When he asked why I said, "even on a cloudy day, it's a high sky. And, it seems to be dry, even when it rains!" I was reminded of this on a recent trip across the pass to the "wet" side. I swear it rained four inches in the couple days we were there. Everything was completely saturated. You couldn't step outside without stepping into a puddle or onto something that more resembled a sponge, including the grass. I guess I've been spoiled spending the better part of my life as an Eastern Washington resident now, but that's OK. A trip to the "wet" side reminds me how good I have it now. Until next time, Good Fishing!