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Reports > 2014 > December > Monday 01
Monday, December 1, 2014
By Dave Graybill
I fished below Wells Dam recently and wasn’t impressed with the action, so Rollie Schmitten and I pulled the boat out of the water and headed for Pateros. I had good fishing there a week or so ago and we still had time to give the Rocks and the Point a pass or two. We saw a boat on the Rocks as we approached town and when we headed down to the Point they saw us coming and shot across the river. We turned over the Rocks and I set up a drift. We had good current but the top end produced no strikes. As we got to the bottom of the hole though Rollie’s bobber went down and he got a very nice wild fish to the boat. We made another drift through here without a take and saw the boat that was fishing the Point leave. We ran over there and on our second pass Schmitten hooked and landed a very nice hatchery fish of about 7 pounds. I showed us that even if another boat was working the water you want to fish you may still find a biter that passed on whatever they were offering.