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Reports > 2014 > December > Friday 26
Friday, December 26, 2014
By Dave Graybill
This is the time of the year when many anglers dedicate their time to shore fishing at Rufus Woods Reservoir and Lake Roosevelt. There are several good bank fishing spots just above Chief Joseph Dam at Bridgeport, and near the upper net pens. At Lake Roosevelt I have had good success fishing from the bank toward the dam from the swimming area at Spring Canyon Park, which is just two miles from the town of Grand Coulee. Whether I am fishing at Rufus Woods or at Lake Roosevelt I use the same method when casting from shore. I am using 10-pound test line on my spinning reel on an 8 ½ foot rod. I put a one-ounce sinker on my line, then a barrel swivel. Next, a size 2 hook is tied on a 4-foot, fluorocarbon leader of 10-pound test. To the hook I slide on a medium-sized marshmallow, too keep my bait well off the bottom, and add a single, jarred cook stripe shrimp, without the head. Give your shrimp a good dose of scent, too. Then I cast this out to where I think the water is at least 10-feet deep. Place the rod in a holder and get ready for action! This rig has produced some great fish for me at both Rufus Woods and Lake Roosevelt.