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Reports > 2015 > January > Wednesday 14
Wednesday, January 14, 2015
By Dave Graybill
The weather has been kind of crummy, but the lure of steelhead in the upper Columbia is just too strong, so I had a couple of buddies of mine meet me in Pateros to show them some of my favorite places to fish. James Lebow brought his boat and fishing partner Brian Neilson, and after a visit to the Bakery they followed me to Bridgeport. We launched at the Marina Park and headed up river to the point on the opposite shore. The river was running hard so I opted to pull plugs through here, and after a dry run a big fish hit one of my Mag Lip Flatfish 3.5s. By the time we contained it I the net and got the plug out of its lip for release we were almost down to the boat launch. Nielson figured it weighed 15 pounds. We then tried the Blow Hole and the bank below, but didn’t get a nudge on our bobbers and jigs. I decided to give the point one more try and on our first drift through we got another fish on one of our Flatfish, and this one was a keeper. Not hot fishing, but we got two great fish for the day.