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Reports > 2011 > December > Monday 26
Monday, December 26, 2011
By Dave Graybill
I want to give a shout out to our friend’s at Town Ford. They have been providing a place for us anglers to get together for seminars for the past couple of years now, and by the attendance it appears that this is something that you all appreciate. Be sure to take the time to let them know, so we can continue to have these informative and entertaining seminars. I have some great ones planned for the coming year, and if you have an idea about what you would like to have a presentation on, let me know. Just go to my web site and hit the Contact button and you can send me a note. I also want to thank them for the new truck they just provided me. As many of you know they have been keeping me on the road and pulling my boat for the past couple of years and I am in my third great Ford vehicle. They have given me a great ride and have never given me a problem. I wanted to thank them for what they do for me and the rest of us anglers here in Central Washington. Thanks Town Ford!