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We didn't have much luck fishing at Brandts Landing on Rufus Woods Reservoir on a trip in January, but I did get this shot of a barred owl that we saw on our way out.
I decided to try fishing from shore at Keller in December, and my brother in law Tom Verschueren and I had pretty good luck. The rainbow were 16 to 21 inches.
Rainbow like this one are common on Lake Roosevelt. This just one of many we got trolling near Keller in the month of December late last year.
Austin Moser and I pose with a 19-inch kokanee caught in Dec. on Lake Roosevelt. A Kokabow Tackle Copper Series blade and Ravisher Spinner did the job.
This photo shows what a habitat box looks like on the screen of my Garmin fish finder. Look at all the fish hanging around it!
Shown here is all you need to fish the slip sinker, slack method to catch trout from the shore.
Some of the biggest bluegill in the state can be caught at Potholes Reservoir this fall.
Here is an example of the kind of rainbow you can catch on Rufus Woods this fall.
Austin Moser holds up the king I landed while fishing with him at Vernita on the Hanford Reach on Monday.
Bright kings like this can be caught right now on the Hanford Reach. I was fishing with Shane Magnuson when I got this one a couple of years ago.
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