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Reports > 2012 > October > Wednesday 24
Wednesday, October 24, 2012
By Dave Graybill
There is a fishing party going on in Pateros. Steelhead fishing is off and running and bright, early season fish are being taken right in front of Pateros Lakeshore Inn. I fished here last week and although my trip was almost comical for the number of fish I missed, we did see others doing well. The docks are packed with anglers, and while we fished from my Jetcraft just the Pateros side of the bridge we saw two fish landed. I got one fish on a bobber and jig right off the bat in the estuary, and missed a couple more while I was messing around in the boat. We saw anglers catch steelhead further up the estuary either dragging bobbers and jigs, pulling plugs or casting from the point below where the Methow enters the broad, estuary. My fishing partners and I missed a couple more fish further up stream, and didn’t have any luck while making drifts off the Rocks. I am anxious to get back to Pateros. There are fish there and I want another shot at them. Remember, no bait is allowed in the estuary, but is okay on the main stem Columbia.