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Reports > 2012 > August > Monday 27
Monday, August 27, 2012
By Dave Graybill
I am getting inquiries about the fishing at Curlew Lake. I think people are thinking about the big holiday weekend coming up. Curlew is one of my favorite places, too, so I touched base with Doug at Tiffany’s Resort. He had a lot of good news for anglers. Rainbow are running 13 to 14 inches this year and a few 5-pounders have been weighed at the resort. There has been 60 tagged trout out of the 240 fish they tagged this spring caught, and these are worth cash if caught and brought to the resort uncleaned for inspection. This is an ongoing program where trout are raised in net pens and released each spring. It is done in cooperation with the Department of Fish and Wildlife to assure quality rainbow in the lake. Bass fishing has been especially good this year. These fish are now feeding on an abundant supply of Mysis shrimp which has boosted their growth rate. More largemouth in the slot limit size are being caught then ever before. Tiger muskie are being caught but not many really big ones. There is a tournament on the lake in mid September, and some monsters are usually turned in then.