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Tom Verschuere of Dryden holds on tight to the first walleye he had ever caught. It was on Potholes Reservoir.
Here is a shot of boats coming off Lake Wenatchee after a day of sockeye fishing. We had a super season this year.
Here is one of my favorite streches of the Icicle. It is late afternoon and getting near the best fishing time.
Catherine Willenbrecht landed this king at Chelan Falls after a terrific battle. Shane Magnuson also got her a sockeye below Wells Dam.
Kris Willenbrecht had a great time fishing with Shane Magnuson at Chelan Falls. He landed two adults, and jack and the a sockeye at Wells.
Here is Mike McKee with the first kokanee we landed. It was a whopper. We ended the day with a double of them.
Mike McKee took me out on Lake Roosevelt to find big kokanee, and he did! Each of these weighed over 4 pounds.
Lindsey Williams shows off one of the big kings she got on the opener at Cheland Falls.
Here is out opening day group with our catch. We got all of these at Chelan Falls by 9:15!
You can see I am having trouble hefting my king next to Shane, the results of a double.
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