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Izorline:  Fishing Lines for all Purposes

Izorline: Fishing Lines for all Purposes

I have been using Izorline products for over four years, and can recommend them to you. I have been loading my spinning reels with the super limp and very strong XXX Super Co-Polymer. This line casts like a dream and holds up no matter what I do with it. Most often I am using it to catch bass on local lakes. The knot strength is terrific and holds up when I am hung up on the basalt shale that catches my lures on Banks Lake. This is an excellent product for all purposes and once you have used it for a while you will want to load all your reels with it. On my bait casters I have been using the Platinum version of Izorline. This isn’t quite as limp as the XXX and I find it an excellent line for casting for bass and other species. I also use this on my walleye and my kokanee reels. I back my reels with Izorline Spectra fiber line and it lasts for years. I top shot with their mono, and then add a leader of one of their excellent fluorocarbons. I have just mentioned the products that I use here in Eastern Washington, but they make a whole bunch of products for heavy duty saltwater fishing and they offer accessories as well. I would suggest that you take a look at their web site at and learn about all their different products. Owner Steve Ichinokuchi is an avid angler and personally tests all his products, so you know they have to be the best!