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Buzz Ramsey Report

The name Buzz Ramsey should be familiar to anglers in the Northwest. He has been involved in fishing product development and testing for years. He has fished extensively throughout the West and in fact, the world. He has tested gear on a variety of species that he had often developed himself. He is now producing some helpful “Reports” that describe effective techniques, and the one shown here is dedicated to trout fishing. There are two parts to this Buss Ramsey Report, although both are Berkley Trout Rigs. The first one is called the "Crawl-Retrieve Method", click here to check it out, and the second is on "Still Fishing" click here to check this one out. Both of these reports mention Berkley products extensively, including rods, reels, lines and baits. All of these are fine products, and the real value is in the methods and techniques that are described in the reports. I have read them closely and found that there are tricks here that I haven’t tried myself, and would be very nice to have in my bag when trout fishing. To view these reports just click the report links above to open the PDF files. You can read the reports or print them out so they in easy reach next time you go trout fishing or when you’re in the tackle shop picking up the components you need to try these techniques. The methods described in the Buzz Ramsey Reports are well worth studying, and I’ll have more of them to share down the road.