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New Swimmer Tail Lures

New Swimmer Tail Lures

Ernie Ross developed the Ross Swimmer Tail lure many years ago for commercial salmon fishing off the shores of British Columbia.  I first saw the lure being used by my brother Rick Graybill, who guided anglers for land-locked salmon and mackinaw on Lake Chelan.
Rick’s success with the lure made it obvious that the lure had freshwater applications.  Even more persuasive was the state record Lahotan cutthroat from Omak Lake caught by Pateros angler Dan Beardslee.  I used one of these darting lures to catch a triploid rainbow on Rufus Woods that weighed 16 pounds.
Now, Ross Tackle of Surrey, B.C. has expanded its line of Swimmer Tail lures, adding a wide range of new colors and sizes intended for freshwater use.
There is no change to the trophy fish catching action of these lures, just some great new colors and sizes that make sense for inland water fishing.  There just aren’t many lures on the market that perform in the water like one of these.  When you drag a Swimmer Tail behind the boat the action will amaze you.
It oscillates in the water much in the same way a Flatfish or Apex lure will, but the real secret to the Swimmer Tail’s success is the way it moves laterally and up and down without changing speed.  This random change of position in the water is what triggers strikes.  You really have to see one of these in action to appreciate what I am trying to describe.
I have seen or had success with this lure myself with salmon, mackinaw, rainbow and brown trout, Lahotan cutthroat and triploid rainbow trout.  I would recommend that every active angler have a couple in their arsenal.
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