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This Month's Line-up

How To Cure Salmon Eggs with Pro Cure  - Steve Lynch, from Pro-Cure, shows how to do a quick cure for salmon eggs so you can use them right away. Also featured are CRKT Knives and Dutch Fork Custom Lures.
How To Fillet A Walleye  - In this session guide Mark Olson demonstrates his method of filleting walleye. Watch and learn how to make the most of your catch of these tasty fish
How To Rig For Sockeye  - In this episode three of the region’s most successful guides show you how they rig for sockeye. Shane Magnuson, Austin Moser and Jerrod Gibbons are all featured, and it is shot on the water.
How To Rig A Drop Shot For Bass  - Here we take a break from fishing for smallmouth on the beds at Moses Lake. Keith Jensen, a local bass and walleye guide shows some of his tips and tricks for drop shot rigging for bass.

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